Findings: Competition, Kickstarter and Patreon


Some of the findings I’ve made in the last weeks that I think can be interesting.


Findings Bust@ Painting Competition

The Bust@ group on Facebook are running a painting competition which is in collaboration with Romain Van den Bogaert. The rules are simple and only Romain’s personal project range of busts will be allowed in the competition.

Too make it even better Romain is offering a discount for it. Check the Facebook group for more details.

I’m not sure if I’m going to pick any more up for the competition. I still have three of his busts I haven’t painted yet.

My plan is too paint the Gatekeeper bust for it.

Link to the group 


Findings Ouroboros Miniatures

Ouroboros Miniatures are running their first Kickstarter at the moment. It’s a small one, only three miniatures in it. Which is quite nice actually, I’ll rather back something like this than a huge and expensive one.

This Kickstarter is more or less kick starting the company as I understand it.

The miniatures look great. Both of them being Orks, one Brave and one Shaman and they are 54mm scale miniatures. The Brave being ~60mm tall and the hunched over Shaman is ~53mm tall but would be quite taller if standing up, he’s sculpted with a 70mm armature.

Both of them are sculpted by Denis Soul, which should mean a great attention too details.

The price for them are pretty fair in my book, the Brave is €35, the Shaman €45 and both of them for €75.

This far there has been two stretch goals. The first one is a painting journal by Tim Marsh, about him painting the Shaman.

The second one is also a painting journal but this one is by David Powell, about him painting the Brave.

They will be send as PDF’s to the backers and will only be available in the Kickstarter. There will be at least one more Stretch goal but it hasn’t been revealed yet.

Link for the Kickstarter page


Findings Patreon

As I’ve said before, I joined in on Jay Martin’s (Redrum) Patreon and it’s going really well so far. We’re a very diverse and fun group and we all give out feedback to each other and of course from Jay as well. The first PDF guide has been made for us, about basing and there’s more coming I think.

He opened up some more slots for the highest level and I can really recommend joining in if you want to learn more about this hobby.

Link for the Patreon page