Bonnie WIP 3 Going Colder With Her Skin

Going Colder

To get a better idea on how the progress on Bonnie would look together with the chair I did some dry fitting and her skin had way too much red in it when on the chair. So with that I started over on her skin and this time I’m going colder with it, which will give some contrast between her and the chair. Together with that I’m planning her corset to be a bit on the colder side as well and some green details.

On these photos I started with Beige Red (again) but added some Oxford Blue to make it colder. After that I did some basic highlights with just Beige Red.

When that had dried I used Basic Skin Tone and Light Skin to get the highlights.


There’s still some left to do but it’s starting to come together a bit now.

Besides the skin I also started on her stockings. I got some advice on it but it’s the first time I’m painting something like that so the progress is quite slow at the moment.

Going Colder Bonnie wip 3


I did some searching around to get some reference photos of worn red leather and found some good ones. So with that I’ve started doing some small weathering on it. So far I’ve just started adding some lighter brown to the spots where the leather is torn.

Then there’s the whole free handing something on the back of the chair. I don’t have a clue what I’m going to paint there. I guess time will tell.


My plan for the base is almost the same as Mindwork used for their box-art, a basic wooden floor. I think that will go well with the whole gentleman’s club feel. I’m going to do one thing different though and that’s adding a rug.

I’m not sure if I have any putty or clay for it but it will get ordered soon. I don’t think I’ve ever tried to sculpt a rug before so it’s going to be fun.

For the wooden floor did some sepia washes and after that had dried completely I went over it with AK Interactive’s enamel wash for wood.

Going Colder Bonnie Base