Bonnie WIP 4: A Leather Corset for Bonnie

Leather Corset

This will be a very short update. I haven’t made much progress and the only thing I’ve been fighting with is her damn leather corset. I’ve tried a bunch of different looks so far and I think I have decided to go with the one of the photo, an old worn dark leather corset. If it will work in the end, not sure to be honest but I’m going to try at least.

I painted the corset black and then stippled Leather Brown over it. When that had dried I mixed Leather Brown with more and more Cork Brown, stippling in highlights.

At this stage I get some Vallejo Smoke and mix that with a bit of black ink and water. Use that mix to glaze the leather corset, letting each layer dry before putting on another one. When you have gotten it quite dark I like to apply it in small dots that I allow to almost dry and then do some of the final glazes.

The reason for that is to give it some texture and I like the way it looks.

I haven’t painted the straps yet so it looks a little weird right now.


Bonnie WIP 4 Leather Corset




  • Nice work. I’ll have to use that technique on leather some time. Often when I paint cloth I will do it streaky just to create a texture – to break it up from the armor, and give some visual interest. Creating textures with painting is a lot of fun when you can nail it, and you’ve done well with that.

  • Thank you! yea I like that method and you can easily use some colored washes/inks for the texture as well to make it a bit more interesting. I find green is a good color in many cases for it.