Queen of the Night – Planning and WIP 1

Queen of the Night

I felt like I needed another project to work on at the moment. I were getting kinda sick of painting Bonnie so after a raid in my back log box I ended up with the lovely Queen of the Night from Black Sun Miniatures.

Planning Queen of the Night

  • Name: Queen of the Night
  • Genre: Generic/Horror
  • Atmosphere/Theme: Creepy with a slight Voodoo feel
  • Lighting: Standard zenithial
  • Focal Points: Face
  • Color Scheme: A slight sickly touch on the skin, black hair, dark hat, desaturated green top and beige/yellow snake.
  • Milestones: The face, her top, the snake and her hat

I’m also testing to see if I can add a tattoo of some kind of voodoo inspired design.

Product Photo by Black Sun Miniatures

Queen of the Night Product Photo

As you can see they chose a rather unusual color for her skin which I’m not going to be using myself. I want her to look more alive and natural but with a small sickly feel if that makes sense.

Painting Her Face

Most of my attention has been focused on her face. The base was Beige Red (as usual) and working in some Golden Skin, Light Skin and Pale Skin (all those are from Scale75). For the shading I used Beige Red with purple and blue. Then it was just the process of making it smooth with glazes, going back and forward between them until it looked good.

Painting Her Body

I used more or less the same method as with the face but I’ve added more purple and red into the mixes and I plan to have it a bit darker compared to the face.

The red/purple area hopefully will draw the eyes up to her face or that’s the plan at least.

There’s still a lot to do on her skin, making the transitions smoother and add in some more colored glazes.

Until next time…




  • She’s looking great. Nice a nice convincing skin tone is hard, I feel, but you’ve done an awesome job.

  • Thanks you, I’m very happy with her this far. She’s an interesting bust and has a lot of potential imo.