Queen of the Night WIP 2 – Queen’s Clothing

Queen of the Night WIP 2 – Clothing

Painting Her Clothing

My plan from the start for her clothing has been a sheer top. The way she’s sculpted feels like that was the artist’s plan and it’s a technique that I want to try out some more.

The base of the top is Green Grey, Brown Violet and USMC Tank Crew (all Vallejo) with a roughly 2-2-1.5 mix.

The highlights are more or less the same mix with white in it and a bit more USMC Tank Crew. I’ve tried to blend it in with the base by going back and forward with them until it looked the way I wanted.

For the shading I also started with the base mix. Then added red and violet and a bit more Brown Violet. I made separate mixes for the violet and red and kept alternating between them.

After all that had dried I mixed up some green ink to a glaze and did a couple of layers over the whole top. I’ve probably missed some steps, I went back and forth so many times I forgot to write it down.

The plan now is to add a bit more to the shading.


Coming up

The next step will be to finish her top and after that her hair and her awesome hat. For the hair, I’m thinking black and the hat will probably been quite dark as well.

I haven’t decided on the metal parts yet but it should be muted at least and then we have the matter of the snake. I’m going to have to do some research on that before deciding on what color to use.




  • Very nice work. I’ve always thought that painting things sheer just looks amazing. Blending skin tones into the garment color I can imagine is tricky to get right, but it’s so worth it when it works.

  • Thank you, so far it’s actually a bit easier than I expected. I got the advice to paint the skin like you would if the fabric wasn’t there and then do thin layers for the fabric until it looks like you want to. I added in some layers of flesh as well at the end.

  • That makes sense. I’ll have to remember that if I ever paint anything sheer like that.

  • So good Nils, so good! The transparency of the cloth is spot on!

  • Thanks Greg, it’s been a very fun technique to try and something I’ll definitely use again.