Queen of the Night WIP 3 – Hat, Metal & Hair

Hat, Metal & Hair

At this point I decided not to do the finishing touches on her face and top just yet and start on the other parts. The reason is that I want to see how the hat, metal & hair will effect her face and top before so I still have time to tweak them. I hope that makes some sense.

Painting Her Hat

The hat itself consists of two different materials with very different textures, metal and twain. The body of the hat are made of the twain and looks like they’ve wrapped it around the “body” of the hat.

I wanted to introduce some darker tones but I didn’t want it to be just black and I wanted it to be on the warmer side. This is something I really liked with the box-art, they painted it in a very nice dark red so I’m going for something similar.

So far I’ve used a combination of black and the darker reds in Vallejo’s Model line. I still have some work left on it; I’m going to make it a bit brighter on the top and add some more colors to the shading.


The photos didn’t turn out very good but I’ll have better ones in my next update.

Painting Metal

The hat also have some metal areas; a couple of metal plates, the skull and the end piece. It took some time and experimentation to get a tone I’m happy with. I started it with Scale75’s metallic paints. The base was Thrash Metal and then moved brighter.

At this stage I used an old VGC brass or copper (I think) but all the text on the label has disappeared so I don’t know what color it is. I put it on with thin layers so the shading underneath would show.

I did some small highlights and then I mixed up some verdigris wash.

Painting Her Hair

My original plan was to paint it black but I didn’t think it looked as good as I wanted so I got the idea of test paint it grey, which I did. In my head, it’s not an old person grey color but I’m not sure if it’s just in my head or not.

But I like the look so I’m keeping it.

Next Step…

Next on the list will be to finish the hat and move on to her snake, necklace and figuring out what to use for her base.