Review 2016 – What Did I Do? And What Didn’t I do

Review 2016

Review 2016


Another year ends tomorrow and in some ways, it’s been an eventful year in some ways. At the same time, it’s been quite uneventful, or at least parts of it.

Periodically, I’ve had a hard time to find any motivation this year. It was the worst in the first quarter of the year but it has definitely been a factor over the whole year.

When it was at its worst, I was close to shutting down this site. In hindsight, I’m glad I didn’t because right now I’m enjoying writing again. The biggest help I got was to go analog, so to say, I started writing by hand.

I’m a very big tech fanatic and use digital solutions for most things but for writing, I just love the feel of it and I have an easier time to find inspiration.

So after ordering notebooks and pens and now I’m writing again.

Looking back on this year, I made some observations

  • I painted fewer miniatures
  • I spent more time painting
  • I bought fewer miniatures
  • I probably spent more money
  • I sold off old gaming miniatures
  • I entered competitions
  • I got better at painting
  • I built and painted a diorama
  • I started a lot of projects
  • I didn’t finish those projects

Best of 2016

My best painted miniature of the year

Hands down Aradia’s Queen of the Witches

My favorite miniatures that I bought

Aradia’s Queen of the Witches and Jigoku Dayu’s Dreams by Nelya Vitvitska

My favorite miniatures, released

Jigoku Dayu’s Dreams by Nelya Vitvitska

Review 2016 Jigoku
Product Photo, not mine

Breaking Away

The year has more or less solidified me breaking away from painting 28mm miniatures. I still have some I want to have painted and I might do some for friends but in general, I’m done with it. The only small miniatures I still enjoy painting is for my Epic armies and they are around 6mm for the basic infantry.


The blog is going fine and it’s going to be interesting getting the annual statistics tomorrow. I’ve tried to change things up a bit after some great advice from some fellow bloggers. Special thanks to Thor from Creative Twilight (awesome site, covering several games and has talented writers) and Greg from Feed Your Nerd (which is also an awesome site, especially if you like Orks). They are my most frequent comment posters and always give great feedback and advice.

The third and last mention are Jason Martin, who through his Patreon campaign has given great advice and feedback. The guy is doing some awesome things for the hobby so go and check out Figure Mentors and his Patreon.


On a personal note, a bunch of years ago I got tested to see if I have Asperger syndrome, which the doctor didn’t think. Since then I’ve been reading up on it and finally got to see another doctor for a second opinion and he diagnosed me having Aspergers.

While it’s not a fun thing to have, but it’s easier to understand why I function the way I do and it’s it’s good to finally know.

As you might have noticed the blog is getting a makeover. I was getting annoyed with the previous theme and thought this would be a good time for a new style. This time around I decided to buy a theme instead of a free one, which I hope means a more active development.

Age of the Blog

I’ve been going through old photos and blog posts and apparently this blog is closing in on its seventh birthday next march. It almost feels a bit surreal, to be honest. The first number of years, it was just a way for me to document my painting and gaming and it’s only the last three or four years, that I have been actively blogging and caring about it.

The best thing about running the blog has to be the feedback and advice and that it’s made me enjoy writing again, which I did a lot as a youngling.


A while back I was asked if I wanted to write some longer articles for a pretty big site, which I happily said yes to. So right now I’m working on my ‘test’ article to see if it’s up to their standard, which means a lot of researching and writing the first draft right now. I’ve asked my dad and a friend who knows a lot about the subject to go over it and see what needs to be changed before I submit it.

I can honestly say that I’m quite nervous about it. I haven’t written anything like this for a very long time and it’s in English, which isn’t my first language.

But whatever happens, it’s been fun researching and writing something ‘heavier’.

My Highlights of the Year

  • Getting my motivation back
  • Finishing the Queen of the Witches for the Golden Vinci competition and having Aradia (who makes it) share it on Facebook with some very nice comments.
  • Finishing Red Riding Hood
  • Trying to get more into the community
  • Writing the test article

Crappy Year

While it hasn’t been a terrible year, it’s still a pretty crappy one. The biggest reason being my lack of motivation but it’s starting to come back again so I hope 2017 will be better.

The saddest part of the year is that one of my favorite artist, one that has had a big impact on my life passed away, Good Buy Mr. Cohen, the world would be a worse place without your music.

It was also very sad to hear about Carrie Fisher. I will always be impressed with that woman. Talking openly about her bipolar condition and making people more aware of mental health issues is such an important part of making people understand them.


  • I can appreciate your thoughts about shutting down the blog, I’ve had a ton of ups and downs over the years and can also credit Thor and Greg as being a part of the motivation to keep it up.

    Those are some amazing minis you’ve done this year. It looks like a great way to focus on improving your painting and being able to play with colors. Looking forward to more of your work in 2017 that article you hinted at!

  • Thank you Joe, my plan is to work more on theory and technique, especially color theory which I’m lacking a bit. I hope you’ll have a great new years eve 🙂

  • I picked up a book on color theory a few months back and am starting to do the same. It’s amazing how it can effect the overall look just by selecting the right shades even.

  • Thanks for the shoutout.

    You’ve done some really great painting, and I’m glad you’ve stuck it out. We all go through periods of thinking of just shutting it all down. I have countless times over the years. That’s the great part about this community, it keeps you going even when you think you’ve reached the end.

    Getting a diagnosis is huge. Sure, nobody wants to have something wrong with them, but knowing what it is goes a long way towards improving yourself. Have things improved any since learning you have Aspergers?

  • Yea it’s a very interesting subject, and one hell of a difficult one.

  • Thank you! I do think things has improved some since the diagnosis, I’m getting a better understanding and I do think it will help a lot on a longer perspective.