2017 The Year To Come & Queen of the Night WIP 4


2017 The Year To Come


To start 2017, I have two competitions to get working on. The first one is with the Bust@ group on Facebook, that’s running a Romain bust competition. Only Romain’s personal busts are allowed. For this competition, I’m going to paint the Gatekeeper bust I got a while back.

The second competition is a privately run one and it’s also a bust competition and the bust is ‘Sail Away’ from BrokenToad. I’m looking forward to this one the most and will be my main focus.


The deadlines are more or less the same with one being on the last day of march and the other one, the day after.

I hope there will be some more contests over the year. It’s a good motivator to get stuff finished.

The Expected New Year List

As custom dictates, I made a list of things I want to do in 2017.

  • Write 4 Articles
  • Finish the Gatekeeper for the Bust@ competition
  • Finish the ‘Sail Away’ bust for the other competition
  • Paint at least 7 bigger miniatures
  • Paint at least one historical miniature
  • Learn more colour theory
  • Keep blogging
  • Don’t stress my painting
  • Spend more time painting
  • Finish my Epic Slaanesh army
  • Sculpt more
  • Stop being so damn insecure about my painting
  • Improve
  • Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice Like Hell

The most important items in that list have to be Paint more, Color theory and Practice like hell.
I hope that I can paint some more full figures this year. I like painting busts but I miss the basing aspect of a full figure.


Even though I don’t like to paint 28mm, I still like the scale for gaming. At the moment I’m just playing one game in it, Bolt Action, which I enjoy very much even though I loose more or less every game.

The only other miniature game I play now is Epic, which I like even more.

Queen of the Night WIP 4

Because of the upcoming competitions, I need to finish the Queen of the Night bust ASAP. So that’s where my focus will be right now.

I have dome some painting over the holidays and as of now, she looks like this:

2017 2017