Queen of the Night A Very Short WIP 5 Snake and Touch-ups

A Very Short WIP

I really want to get this bust finished so I’m trying to speed things up a bit. My plan is to finish her by the end of the week so there will be more of this very short WIP posts..

The good thing is that I don’t have that much left now. I think it’s just the snake, her jewelry and some touch-up work.


I’m trying to find a piece of wood to make her base from. The plan is something that looks more ‘real’ than a normal plinth. Luckily I have quite a lot of old wooden bits and pieces that I’ve collected at either parent’s house.


My first draft is finished and I’m waiting to hear back from my father, and what changes he think would make it better. He used to have a very big interest in WW2 so I hope he can spot any mistakes and I should have it on Wednesday. It should be all good.

Sorry for the very short WIP, but more is coming…


  • I love that snake. As I said on Twitter, it adds some great contrast. The entire model is coming together very well.

  • Oh, I also noticed you used Canva for your article’s lead image. Nice work 🙂

  • Yea, I played around with it and really like the results and simplicity of it so I’m planning on keep using it.

  • Oooh the snake is awesome! Can have so much fun with the scales!

  • Yes IT kinda made me want to paint a dragon 🙂