Queen of the Night Finished Showcase Gallery

Queen of the Night Finished Gallery

The Queen of the Night is finally finished. The base is temporary until I manage to remember to order a nicer one. So that can be a while.

It’s been a very fun and frustrating bust to paint, as they all tend to be :). The photos aren’t great but I’m getting new ones after I figure out a real base.

What’s Next?

My next project, or the next two projects (I’ll be working on both of them for two contests) is the Gatekeeper bust by Romain and BrokenToad’s Sail Away bust.

I’ve already started on the Gatekeeper a bit and I’m still waiting on the Sail Away bust which should get shipped this week.




  • Very nice work.

    I’m terrible at painting skin, so I’m always envious of someone who can paint it well. You have a good use of colors with some great contrast.

  • Thank you!

    Yea skin is tricky as hell, it’s such a fine line between great looking and something from a really bad scifi movie. It’s one of the places were glazing really shines and I would never be able to get it right without it. It takes a long time but in the end it’s usually worth it.

  • I think scale really helps. Convincing skin on a 28mm model is hard. So little area to work with, making it hard to blend and glaze well.

  • That’s a good point, you also have to approach contrast a bit different, generally you need a stronger one on smaller miniatures.