Planning Sail Away – WIP 1 – Her Face

Planning Sail Away

I’m painting this bust for a small competition for the backers of Jason Martin’s Patreon. It’s a great sculpt and I’m writing a review of her that should be posted quite soon. I think she’s a great choice for a competition for a group of painters looking to improve. There’s great skin, different textures, clothing, leather and hair.


  • Name: Sail Away
  • Genre: Pirate, historical
  • Atmosphere/Theme: Pirate
  • Lighting: Standard zenithal
  • Focal Points: Face, what she’s holding
  • Milestones: Face, rest of the skin, hat, clothes, what she’s holding

Product Photos


I had a glorious plan to convert her to an 80s goth/punk instead of a pirate but with my not-so-good skills for converting, I completely chickened out. 100%. Now I’m regretting it but it is what it is.

So far I’ve only been working on her face and I’m very happy with the result this far in but as I do way too often, I wasn’t happy with the first attempt, so I started over and as I said, now I like the look much better.

I’ve mostly used Scale75¨s skin colors with some added red/pink for the shading on her cheeks and I’m trying to decide how strong I want that shading and at the same time not overdoing it.



It’s going to be a tough competition, I’ve heard some ideas from the other painters and there’s some really awesome ideas and conversions planned so I need to step up my game and really push myself harder. Luckily I have until the end of March to get her finished so no stressing myself to finish her in time.

  • Off to a great start with her.

    It does look like a fun model to paint. Like you said, so much variation with the materials, and some really great detail.

  • Thank you, she’s so well sculpted and cast so it almost feels like she’s painting herself if that makes sense.

  • I know exactly what you mean.

  • Nils,

    You should never regret things while painting. It’s painting! You can always fix it. If you want to steam punk her, get converting!!!!

    Either way, she is going to look great when you are done painting her!

  • Tank you and I agree fully with you but I don’t think I have enough time for it for the contest but I will try on the next :).