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Article & Review


Article Naval Infantry

A couple of days ago the article that I’ve mentioned I’ve been working on was published at It’s a historical article about the Soviet Union’s Naval Infantry that served as ground troops during ww2.

I wanted my first article to be about a subject that I have some previous knowledge about but still be able to learn more about.

It’s been a very long time since I wrote anything even close to this and tbh, it was hard as hell but also very fun and interesting so in all, very rewarding.

I’m happy with how the article turned out and I got some good help from the site owner and other writers with the layout and finding what spelling mistakes I had missed. I also had my dad read it and take notes on what he thought I should change.

The article can be found HERE.


Article Review Winter Child

The second piece I wrote for them is a review of the latest release from Terrible Kids Stuff for their Dust range, the Winter Child. It’s a very well made figure and I’m very much looking forward to working on him.

I have some plans already that should look good.

You can find the review HERE.

I’m currently writing a review of another of Terrible Kids Stuff’s Dust figures, Frank von Stein for this site.


I’m still working on Sail Away and I’ll hopefully have some more photos soonish.




  • That miniature is amazing. It is so perfectly mirrored in the concept art. Just wow!