Scale Bricks, bricks, bricks from clay and bricks from cork

Scale Bricks

Scale Bricks

Things are still going very slow here, besides these scale bricks, and after a small medical fuck-up, I completely screwed up the face on Sail Away. I, by complete mistake and being confused, I managed to take my sleeping pills in the morning instead of my normal medicine which made the day.. ‘Weird to say the least.

So with that, I restarted get face and I’m slowly trying to get it to the same level as before.

Scale Bricks, so very many bricks

The last three days or so have been spent making scale bricks for the planned base for Terrible Kids Stuff’s Winter Child. I’ve done some research about it ones before and settled on two methods to try, one with cork and one with normal air-drying clay.

Scale Bricks – Cork

Scale Bricks

I started with a sheet of cork, cut it into straps and then individually cut them up but I tried to cut some corners and because of that, the didn’t come out very uniform.

Scale Bricks – Clay

So, test 2 was with clay. I rolled out the clay and scored it with a sharp knife and let it dry. The problem with this method was that they don’t break very evenly when separating the individual bricks.

Scale Bricks – Cork Again

Scale Bricks

For test 3 I did some more research and tried the cork method again, this time with a more controlled fashion.

Instead of cutting a bunch of strips at the same time, I took my time doing it individually and got a much better result. They aren’t perfect but close enough for me, and after I do a bit of weathering on them, they will look good… I hope.

I’ve started gluing them down on one of the wall sections and I’ve started planning the weathering somewhat. There’s also a couple of items I need to make, or if I can find someone that makes diorama accessories in