Sail Away WIP 2 More Skin, a Quick Update

Sail Away WIP 2

Sail Away WIP 2

Things are still going somewhat slow, as always, here but it’s starting to pick up a bit again. I’ve been too tired to do much blogging. The painting I’ve managed to get done had been on Sail Away and mostly on her face.


I managed to completely screw up her face last week to the point that I had to restart it completely. I took that opportunity to get a smoother finish and to think about where to put the highlights and shading.

To help me with that I used a guide that I got from the Jason Martin Patreon which helped a lot to get a better understanding on how to paint female skin.



The next steps will be to finish her skin, eyes, lips and hair and then it’s mostly clean up work.



Jason’s Patreon



  • Seems that redoing the skin was worth it. It’s looking awesome. Nice blending and good use of tones.

  • Thank you, yeah I agree that her skin came out better this time, I think I took it a bit slower than I usually do, plus a lot of great advice. Now I mostly want to see her finished.