Sail Away wip 3 Another Quick Update On Her

Sail Away wip 3

Sail Away wip 3

The pace has picked up quite well now and I have been able to get a lot done on Sail Away. This time I’ve been working on almost all areas, and I’m getting closer to calling her finished.

With this progress, I’m really starting to like how she looks and hope she does well in the competition.

I’m more or less finished with the hat, vest, shirt, hair and her face. This leaves me just the ship, her hand and the feathers for the hat, I’m quite close to finishing them as well and then I’ll have to check if there are any spots that need to be fixed.


So I’m expecting that the next post will be of the finished bust.





  • Damn. She looks great.

  • Thank you, I’m really starting to like how she looks.

  • Better and better all the time Nils! Love your updates!

  • Thank you its always appreciated. I am very pleased with her now and she should be finished tonight.