Review: Ouroboros Tales Orc Shaman Kickstarter

Ouroboros Tales Orc Shaman

Ouroboros Tales Orc Shaman


  • Company: Ouroboros Tales
  • Scale: 54mm
  • Material: Resin
  • Availability: Kickstarter for now

First, some thoughts about the Ouroboros Tales Orc Shaman Kickstarter Campaign.

Ouroboros Tales is a pretty new company and it’s run by a nice guy called Tim and his wife and the Kickstarter miniatures are among the first miniatures from them. It was a small Kickstarter campaign which only had two miniatures in it which was quite refreshing. The Kickstarter went really well from the view of a backer. There were a couple of problems but they were all solved promptly and they were very transparent with everything going on. It didn’t get delayed and I can’t find anything to complain about.

They are soon launching their second Kickstarter campaign, probably next week. This time there will be the choice of three miniatures for their Fay range and I’m planning on backing them again.

On to the Orc Shaman.

Product Photos


The Orc concept isn’t anything new as you all know and I can imagine it being quite hard to come up with something unique as they have been around for a long time and many, many versions of them have been created.

What Ouroboros have done is to mix the classic image of the Orcs with what I would consider, a low fantasy take on a Louisiana Bayou which is something I haven’t seen before.

The kit is well planned and has some details that I really like. First, he’s got the skin of a crocodile on his back with the top part of its head as a hat. Secondly, the resin plants that comes with it looks great. I’ll probably not use all of them on this miniature, but they should come in handy for future projects as well.


The sculpting is high-quality work, made by the very talented Denis Soul. I think it was a wise decision to hire a high-quality artist for this miniature. There’s a lot of small details on every part and they are very well made, as you should be able to see in the photos.

There is a lot of character to this miniature, and I really like the attention to all the small details that really makes it shine.


The casting was made by GRX Créations which usually means a good quality cast. This miniature isn’t an exception. There’s a little bit of cleanup to do, but nothing big or very time-consuming. The parts seem to fit well together and he shouldn’t be hard to build.

The most impressive part of the casting was the plants in my opinion. There’s some very thin flash which is quite common for such delicate parts, but besides that, they look great.


Closing Thoughts

I usually don’t buy much pure fantasy creatures, but this one convinced me to take a chance and in hindsight it was the right decision and I just wish I had pledged for both of them.

I already have some plans for him and I’m not going to paint him with green skin. I’m still working out what colour’s to use.

I can recommend checking the next Kickstarter campaign out.


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