Planning Jigoku Dayu’s Dreams -WIP 1

Planning Jigoku Dayu's Dreams

Planning Jigoku Dayu’s Dreams

This was my pick for the best miniature released last year and I’m glad that I saved her until I felt confident enough to pick up the brushes and start to paint her.

I posted a review of her back when I bought her, you can find it here.


  • Name: Jigoku Dayu’s Dreams
  • Genre: Japanese, Hell, Mythology
  • Atmosphere/Theme: Beauty, Minimalist, Japanese
  • Lighting: Standard zenithal
  • Focal Points: Skin, Face
  • Milestones: Face, rest of the skin, robe, sword

Product Photos of Jigoku Dayu’s Dreams


The concept for this miniature comes from two different sources, if my research is correct. The first and smallest is how she’s posed, the sword and how her legs are tied together. It’s based on an old suicide ritual that I think was only for women. The actual inspiration for the specific pose is an old Japanese horror movie called Jigoku, which means hell.

The second source is an old story about a woman who’s family was killed when she was young and she was sold and ended up becoming a courtesan. Due to different circumstances, she ended up as a “hell courtesan”. The story has a couple of different versions of what happened so it’s hard to say which specific one was used for inspiration.

One thing they all seem too have in common, is an event of a weird monk that visits the place she live and work and for some reason she looks outside and see’s him dancing around with a bunch of dancing skeletons.

I’ve discussed it with the other members in the group and with some great suggestions, I have a good idea on what to do for her base.

It’s going to be set inside and two of the sides will have a traditional paper wall with dancing skeletons and fires from hell painted on them

I wish I could say it was my own idea but, as I said earlier, I got the basic idea from the painting group.



She will be painted quite minimalist, pale skin, simple robe and so on. I’m going to try some new techniques that I found out from an article posted by, written by David Soper. My tests with it has gone pretty well so I’m going to stick with it for this miniature I think.

WIP of Jigoku Dayu’s Dreams

So far I’ve only painted on one of the legs so I don’t have that much to show.


Jigoku Movie @Wikipedia

John Coulthart, artwork