Review Last Mercenary by Nuts! Planet

Review Last Mercenary

Review Last Mercenary


  • Company: Nuts! Planet
  • Sculpted by: Alfonso Giraldes
  • Scale: 75mm
  • Material: Resin
  • Availability: Normal

I remember seeing this miniature back when it was released and I absolutely fell in love with it. My plan was to buy it right then but stuff got in the way. A couple of years later, I finally have it in my pile, and I’m not regretting it.

Product Photos


I really like the concept and at first glance, you might think it’s a bit ordinary but when you look closer there’s so much more to see. He looks quite old for being a mercenary and quite run-down. He’s got some scar tissue and a bandaged wound on his thigh. His equipment shows a lot of wear and tear and he’s got an impressive arsenal of weapons.

The concept images are from: P&P


He’s a pretty big kit and he comes in 12 pieces. Just like the other miniatures from Nuts! Planet that I’ve worked on or seen, it’s a very well designed miniature. The different pieces fit quite well together and it’s a quite easy kit to build even if it comes in a pretty big amount of parts.

The sculpting works very well with the older and worn down concept and I think that Alfonso really succeeded to give him a lot of character.


The same sentiment goes here as well. Just as the other miniatures I’ve got from Nuts!, the casting is brilliant and does not disappoint.

There’s very little cleaning needed and the small amount that is there mostly consists of small mould lines. There’s hardly any flash to talk about, and there aren’t any signs of mould slippage.


Closing Thoughts

It feels good to finally have a copy of this miniature. My expectations for him was very high and I’m very pleased that I didn’t get disappointed.

Over the last years, Nuts! Planet has really become one of the giants of our niche of the miniature hobby. While I haven’t worked on very many of their miniatures, the ones I do have or have seen have all been in a very high quality. So if you like the style of their products, I can highly recommend to try them out.

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