Review Devastator Victor by Nuts! Planet

Review Devastator Victor

Review Devastator Victor


  • Company: Nuts! Planet
  • Scale: 75mm
  • Material: Resin
  • Availability: Normal

Devastator Victor is part of Nuts! Planet’s growing Trigger line which, besides some questionable miniatures in other scales, mostly consists of ‘near future’ and a slight ‘after the disaster/country collapse’ (in a lack of a better explanation) miniatures.

One thing that sets them apart from other kits is that they include a basing set and Devastator Victor comes with an urban set that you can see in the photos, more about that further down.

Product Photos


As I mentioned the concept has a ‘near future’ and an ‘after the disaster/country collapse’ look to it, a genre I’m a big fan of in general. The way he is designed offers a lot of possibilities and I think he could be painted to look as a civilian, a militia member or even military.

I like that they haven’t gone crazy with the after disaster elements so the miniature looks like what you can find today, in the real world.

Victor comes in quite a high number of parts. He, himself consists of 14 pieces and the basing kit another 6 pieces. He basing kit is very easy to build and it would be hard to fail at it. Victor will be quite a lot harder, over half of the pieces makes up his flamethrower. I think it will take some patience to get all those parts to line up correctly so don’t rush it. Take your time and it should work out well.


Just as the other miniatures from Nuts! Planet that I have, the sculpting is as good as ever. All the details are well defined and I can’t find any faults in the sculpting.

The base part of the kit is also very impressive. So far I’ve only seen two of them in the flesh so I can’t comment on the others but this basing kit is exceptional. All the details are perfect in my opinion. It also adds a lot of to the kit, both in usability and all the different textures.

Even if you decide to use the basing kit, there’s still room to detail it as you please.


The casting is also an area were Nuts! Planet usually means high quality. There are some small cleaning required, some flash and some mould lines but no serious imperfections like air bubble holes or mould slippage.

The basing kit is probably a lot easier to cast than the whole miniature and because of that, there’s hardly any cleaning required. The only imperfection is some minor flash.


Closing Thoughts

I really like Nuts! Planet and their products. They have really made a name for themselves releasing quality products at a rather fast pace. The Trigger line is without a doubt my favourite one of their lines. I’ve had an idea for a diorama using some of these miniatures and now I have finally started to collect them for that purpose. I have my third one on its way here and then I only need one or two more before I can start building it.

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