Ouroboros Fey Kickstarter and WIPs From Me

Ouroboros Fey Kickstarter

Ouroboros Fey Kickstarter

I’ve posted about Ouroboros Miniatures before, they ran a Kickstarter campaign a while back with two 54mm Orc miniatures that I backed and got the Orc Shaman.

Now they have started their second Kickstarter campaign, this time it focuses on a project they call Fey. They explain it a bit on the Kickstarter page:

“This range consists of fantasy characters of our own design with a little dark touch. Archetypical fantasy creatures, or entirely new ones, created in our vision.”

This time they have increased the number of miniatures to three plus some of their previous ones as add-ons.

They new ones are; Moon Man, Succubus and Hog.

To see the campaign, click here.


Quick WIPs

I have to small WIP’s that I’ve been working on the last couple of days. First is the Lady of Madness from Wamp. I’m currently working on the tentacles and the … mouth in the middle of them.

Ouroboros Fey Kickstarter

The second one is the Old Witch from Romain that I’m more or less using to play around with light, an area I need to get better at

Ouroboros Fey Kickstarter



  • As I said on Twitter, the Lady of Madness is coming along great. The Witch is as well. I like the blend of skin tones on her. Definitely a good sculpt to play with light on.

  • Thanks man 🙂