Review The Steampunk League by Miniature Tale

Review The Steampunk League


I’m not the biggest fan of Steampunk out there, I do like some miniatures in the genre. I remember seeing Miniature Tale’s Steampunk League Indiegogo campaign and I always regretted not backing it because I was a bit intrigued by the miniatures.

I’m doing a combined review of them because a lot of the text would be more or less the same.

One big gold star is the packaging of the trio, they came in a nice metal box, which I like very much.


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I think they did a great job on the concept for all three of these miniatures. They have taken some traditional steampunk elements, like the cogwheels and bionic part, but put them in an unexpected setting, so to say.

What I mean with that, is the scene they are in. You have the Baron Humphrey Roth, trying to fly with wings attached to his arms, Lord Cornelious Wood on his penny-farthing bicycle and Duke Fergus Stone standing next to his motorbike.

The wings are pretty basic but the bicycle and the motorbike have steampunk elements to them and they just fit together very well.


All three miniatures and their accessories are all very well sculpted. The details are very well defined down to even the smallest cogwheel. Some of the parts are quite fragile but I haven’t managed to break any of them so far.


The casting is also very well done. I don’t know what company they have to do the casting for them but I’m impressed with it. There are parts that are quite thin, especially the handlebar for the bicycle and some parts of the motorbike and I can imagine it being quite hard to cast parts that delicate.

As always there is some cleaning required but the majority of them only consists of this flash which wouldn’t take much time to clean.

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