Kickstarter: Aradia Miniature The Divine Comedy

Aradia Miniature The Divine Comedy

I’ve been waiting for what I hope will be the best Kickstarter campaign, for me in a long time. I’m talking about Aradia Miniature The Divine Comedy: Dante’s Inferno campaign. The campaign was published yesterday morning and it’s going very well.


There are five reasons why I love this campaign:

  1. It’s Aradia who are in my top 3 companies and a very good candidate for being my favourite company.
  2. It’s based on The Divine Comedy and I really like the book/poem and it’s a great theme for a set of miniatures.
  3. Sculpting quality. I love their miniatures, their concept art and the casting.
  4. Price. Aradia is cheaper than many other companies that make miniatures in this scale. To make it better, they offer big discounts through the Kickstarter campaign. For example, if you pledge at the level which includes one of each of the basic offerings (5 miniatures) you get it with an almost 50% discount. The add-on’s have a higher price point, but they still offer them at a very good price.
  5. Finally, someone takes a chance and releases something unique and something that hasn’t been done over and over again.

Current State

At the time of writing this, they have 18400CHF pledged, which is around £14380, and their modest goal was only 5000CHF.

So far, three more miniatures have been unlocked; a bust of Dante, Phlegethon and Ulysses. Plus two additional stretch goals that give you access to the collection of video tutorials that were recorded for their Patreon page, for a month, and a collection of various resin details to use for basing.

The Big Goal

Just a little while ago they revealed, what I think will be the last two stretch goals and they look very promising.

The first one contains postcards with the art and citations from the poem. Tthe second one is the Fallen Angel that they say is the first bust “that can work overturned”. The third and last one is Beatrice, who is the sole reason why Dante begins his epic journey.

Aradia Miniature The Divine Comedy


Aradia Miniature The Divine Comedy

Wikipedia Page for the poem


All hope abandon, ye who enter here

Aradia Miniature The Divine Comedy