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Orc Shaman

Orc Shaman WIP

Look at that, a post… it’s been quiet here for a while now but I’ve been painting quite a lot the last weeks. Most of the time as been spent on my orc shaman wip, that’s close to being finished now. I was hoping to have him done by tomorrow but I don’t think I can get the rest done tonight.


Well, I was unsure about his base so I started on a second one so I could compare them next to each other and asked for some good feedback. In the end, I settled with the first base I made but with some changes.

I removed the biggest plant because it just didn’t look right to me and added some smaller ones to fill the void and after a successful raid in my mother’s backyard (don’t really have one myself) I had a lot of new materials to use on the base.

All in all, I added quite a lot of plants and it’s starting to look as dense as I originally aimed for. I still have some work left on the base, some of the plants needs more heavy glazing and I’m trying to sculpt some insects to add as well (which is not going well so far)

So what’s new on the Orc?

I got his torso more or less done, I just have some small details and metal parts left so I’ve started assembling him in stages because I couldn’t paint his torso with both arms attached and I mounted him on the base.

Orc Shaman WIP