Age of Sigmar tournament – A Recap of Our Club’s Tournament

Age of Sigmar tournament

This last weekend we had our first Age of Sigmar tournament in the club. It was a small tournament, we’re a small club in a small town, but we ended up being six players. Because of our lack of experience with AoS, we had a low point level, 1000pt.

We haven’t played Age of Sigmar very frequently so the rules weren’t followed 100% of the time but it worked quite well anyway I think and it sounded like everyone had a good time.

The plan was for us to play against everyone, so five games each.

Photos… not so much

Our new place doesn’t have the best lighting so most of my photos were really bad, but I’m including the ones that you can actually see what’s in them.

Army List

I brought my Tzeentch Daemons with a very big focus on magic (hard to guess right?) and went bananas on characters. My list looked like this:

Allegiance: Tzeentch


Lord Of Change (300)

The Blue Scribes (120)

Gaunt Summoner (100)


10 x Pink Horrors Of Tzeentch (140)

10 x Pink Horrors Of Tzeentch (140)

3 x Chaos Spawn (180)

Total: 980/1000

Leaders: 3/4 Battlelines: 2 (2+) Behemoths: 1/2 Artillery: 0/2

My opponents were, some Stormcast army, a mixed Empire army, a pink Night Goblin horde, Lizardmen and Ogres.


Game 1

The first game started well as I expected. I had some good rolls with my magic but as I predicted, I had one or two rounds to weaken my opponent’s army, after that, I would get stuck in close combat and die horribly.

That was exactly what happened and by turn four (I think it was), he had tabled me. On the positive side, he didn’t have much left of his army.

Game 2

This game was against my good friend’s Empire army and it was one of the two armies I thought I would have the hardest time against. Their cannons are brutal.

The game played almost like the first one but I decided to do the opposite of what I did in the first game (which I played very defensive) and play aggressively as hell. A first turn suicide charge by the Blue Scribes started the madness.

It felt like this game was more even matched the first two rounds and it looked quite well for me but my friend turned it around, and it went a bit back and forward and with his last shot with his cannon, he killed my last model… so tabled again, but it was also a fun game.

Game 3

In game number three I faced the pink Goblin horde army. This was the army I had picked as the winner of the whole tournament. 120 something models are hard to beat, especially in lower point games.

I once again started out doing very well and did a lot of damage on the first round, in particular, the Gaunt Summoner was crazy against a 60 Goblin blob.

This game didn’t end up with me being tabled, I still lost but it was more due to me not focusing on the objectives in time, and that my opponent completely blocked me off when I finally went for them, still… a good game.

Game 4

Now it was time to face the Lizardmen and it played out exactly like the last one. A good solid start and then a good solid beating. I ended up conceding at the start of the last turn as the victory point difference were too big to be turned around.

So far so good, 4 losses and no win.

Game 5

Ogres… I always (the few ties I’ve played them) have a hard time facing Ogres and my prediction was another big loss for me. This time I was wrong, I got a big win. I managed to table him without losing much at all.

I played this game aggressively as well and I think I charged with every unit in my army, which might not be the ideal way of playing them, but it worked out well in the end.

Who Won?

Well… I for sure didn’t. I came in the last place, which I was expecting. The Goblins that I had down for the first place, did, as a matter of fact, win the whole tournament. He won all of his games and played them very well, so it was a well-deserved win in my book.

In second place came the Empire army and I’m not sure who got the bronze

Good, Bad or just Ugly?

There were a couple minor mishaps but I really enjoyed playing in it and I’m looking forward to his next tournament. There’s a big chance of it being either; Shadow War, 40k 8th, or AoS Skirmish, in that order.

We’ll just have to wait and see what he’s chosen.

  • Some rough games, but you had a good time and that’s what matters.

  • Yea the games didn’t go very well but it was very fun. I’ll see if I can improve my results in the next one 🙂