Sail Away Step-by-Step Photo Gallery (Photo Heavy)

Sail Away Step-by-Step

Sail Away Step-by-Step

It’s been some time since I finished this bust and I must have completely forgotten about posting this Sail Away Step-by-Step Gallery but now it’s done.

The bust is made by Broken Toad which is a nice company that makes some really nice busts. You can find my planning of the project here.

This post will just be a step-by-step gallery and the finished photos will get their own post soon.

Here’s the gallery from each time I photographed her, in chronological order, from start to finish:


  • Very nice. I love the touch of color with the feathers. Also, awesome job on her face. The subtle pinkness in her cheeks is perfect.

  • Thanks, I painted her as part of a Patreon I supported as a challenge that focused on female skin.