Don Quixote WIP 1 Hey look, I wrote Something

Don Quixote WIP 1

It’s been a long time since I last posted here, I’ve been busy with other things and haven’t had much motivation in general, but such is life.


A while back I got started painting on my main SMC entry, but after a clumsy accident, I managed to break it quite badly so I needed to find something else to paint. A week or two later I had finally managed to decide on what that would be, Nuts! Planet’s Don Quixote bust, sculpted by Romain.

Normally I don’t paint much male skin so this is going to be hard and to make it even harder I’m trying the sketch thing a bit.


I started by doing a value sketch of his face, and now I’m adding colours to it. It’s definitely an interesting way of starting to paint a miniature, but so far it still feels a bit weird, but I hope that will go away when I’ve become more used to it.

Don Quixote WIP

Face and Helmet

Right now I’m building up the highlights and trying to get some good shading on the opposite side of his face but it hasn’t come out as I wanted it too… yet. While I try to figure that out I started painting his helmet and it’s going quite well so far. I got the basic metal done and added different glazes to shade and show reflections of the sky and the grass that I envision him standing in, or sitting on his horse that’s standing in it.


To make the metal a bit more interesting I’m trying a technique that we have an article about at the Figurementors site by Lucas K Stine, about using graphite and dry metallic pigments. I didn’t have any pigments at home so I ordered some but I have some old (probably from the 70s or 80s) graphite sticks, so I got started adding that and will do the pigments as soon as they arrive.

You can find the article HERE.


Besides painting, I’ve been working on another historical article, this time about the Hallstatt Celts and their society. The article is finished and I can proudly say that it’s going to be in issue 3 of The Illustrated Historical Artist (, and it looks like I’m might be writing more articles for it, which I am very happy about, to say the least.


  • I think he’s looking great. Also, congrats on the article.

  • Thank you very much!

  • Hey Nils,
    Always love your progress on the busts/figures. It’ll be another great one! One day I’ll be carefully picking through all your busts when I finally start attempting one myself! Thanks for always sharing with us!

  • Thank you very much Greg, it’s always appreciated! and congratulations on the Nova awards!

  • Thanks Nils!!!!