My thoughts on Scale Model Challenge 2017

Scale Model Challenge 2017

Going to the show

This year’s Scale Model Challenge was my first real show and competition, we don’t have much of either in Sweden and definitely not in the same scale.

We went there on the Friday before the show and after way too many hours for such a short distance travelled, we arrived and checked in. The evening was spent mostly eating and trying to sleep and prepare for the show.

Saturday came and after breakfast, we headed to the show area and bought our tickets and headed for the competition registration line, which was long, when we got there and it got much longer. It took around an hour to get to the registration desk but after that everything went smoothly. My two busts were preregistered and I got what I needed to put them up on the display area. It was a bit confusing as this was my first time but they had crew walking around to help out when needed.

After that, I was already pretty beat but we started walking around a bit in the shop area and started picking stuff up, both new things for me, a Kickstarter pledge from Aradia and two things for friends.

Most of the day was spent walking around buying things and taking some breaks in between.

Loot Pile

In the evening we headed out for dinner with a friend and some of her friends and had a blast. Good food, good drinks and a good time in general. After that, we had some wine at the hotel and decided to get some needed sleep.

Day Two

Sunday morning I was kinda nervous and was eager to see if my busts won anything or not. I was set on not winning because I’ve never done any competitions before but to my surprise, I got a Highly Commended for my Sail Away bust, which is a step below bronze. Of course, I’m more than happy with this and it definitely gave me more motivation to go back next year and get a medal.

Scale Model Challenge

The rest of the day was once again spent walking around buying things and taking some nature walks around the hotel.

Thoughts on Scale Model Challenge

I don’t think I could have chosen a better show to go to for my first one. Everything was very well organized, the people friendly and everything was great. The only downsides were the competition registration line, there could have been more than one registration desk open, and my bed that I did not agree with. But if I were to grade my experience, it would be an easy 8.7/10 and I’m so sure I’m going next year that I’ve already booked the rooms :).

Unfortunately, my photography skills decided to run away so more or less everything I took ended up out of focus.


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