Nalani by Neko Galaxy WIP 1



So while at SMC I picked up a copy of Neko Galaxy’s new bust, called Nalani, and I decided to start painting her when I got home. The quality of the bust is absolutely wonderful, both the sculpting and the casting.

Setting and atmosphere

The artwork from Neko has her set in a desert setting and she has a kinda Mad Max feel to her. I decided to change that on my version. I’m putting her in a more urban, after the disaster setting, which I like more than Mad Max.

Painting Nalani’s Face and Respirator

As usual, I started painting her face, the visible part at least as half of it is covered by a modern looking respirator. I went with the normal, pale skin that I tend to fall back on, but maybe a bit paler than usual.Nalani

I used the Scale75 skin set for most of her skin, with some other colours thrown into the mix.

After I got that to an acceptable level, I started working on her respirator. I’ve only done the rough start so there’s still cleaning up left to do, quite a bit of cleaning, to be honest, I’m a messy painter ;).

The base colours for the respirator is just Basalt Grey for the grey parts and Oxford Blue for the blue and then mixed up with Titanium White from Liquitex.

Nalani Nalani

Switching to Her Hair

When I needed a break from that I started on her hair. I wanted a dirty blonde colour so I started with a base of brown leather mixed in equal parts with dark sand. For defining the volumes I mixed in another part of dark sand and went over more or less all the hair, leaving only the deepest areas untouched.

To define the details and give it some highlights, I mixed in a little bit more dark sand and one part ice yellow and started adding highlights. To do the extreme highlights I just added more ice yellow.

At this stage, the hair looks like crap so I need to figure out how to fix it, so I mixed up some more mid tones and went over it again and it’s starting to look better but still needs more highlights.

What’s next

After I’m done with her hair, I’m going back to her respirator and clean up my painting on it and then start on her goggles.


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