Nalani WIP #2 and Some More

Nalani WIP #2 and Some More

Nalani WIP

With the new year came new motivation to paint for me, so I’ve spent quite a lot of time on Nalani. Just before Christmas, I managed to mess up her hair to the point that I had to strip her head and start over again and so I did, but I started with her right arm this time.

So far I’m almost finished with the skin on the arm and I think I’m close to being done with her top, it just needs some cleaning up and adding some more stains using oil paints.

The next part will be the skin on the visible parts of her stomach and the leather and tech parts on her arm.

Here are two Nalani WIP photos as she looks now.

Project 2

As always I started more projects and this one is big, probably one of the biggest I’ve worked on so far. It’s one of the figures I got from Aradia’s Dante’s Inferno Kickstarter, namely his love and reason to why he journeys into hell and heaven, Beatrice.

Solaris patching the kit up with putty but I started painting on the base. I decided to keep it simple so all the focus will be on the miniature and not the base.

Nalani WIP

Project 3

Nalani WIPThis one might be even bigger in some ways. While at SMC my sister decided that she wanted to Rey to paint something and bought a couple of smaller miniatures and she wanted me to do a small painting workshop when she was home visiting for the holidays, then our mum wanted to give it a try as well so we had family painting sessions and they both had a very good time, especially my sister, which is good because I have her painting supplies for Christmas lol. Before she left, she said that I might have created a monster, she had that much fun so I hope she will keep painting.

Small projects

Then there are two smaller projects that I’m going to try and finish. There’s a painting challenge in a Swedish Facebook group and a fun competition, also Facebook-based, where you paint something at least 20 years old, which I have a lot of lol. I just need to figure out what to paint.

Wrap up

So three big projects going on right now, Nalani being the main priority but I’m looking forward to starting painting on Beatrice. I just need to do some research on how to paint feathers, there are so many feathers on that kit, it will probably drive me mad.


Neko Galaxy




  • Great work as always on the bust. One of these times I’ll have to get a bust just to do something different.

    That’s great that you got your sister into painting. It’s such a fun hobby that needs to be shared like that.

  • Thank you! I definitely think you should try a bust, there are some smaller ones available that I can imagine being a good first step.

  • Yeah, I’d start small for sure. I’ll have to keep my eyes out for something that strikes me.